My name is Batrek Yassa and I am a designer, illustrator, and artist. I was born in Egypt, but grew up in Jersey City. I love a good challenge, and I think that a good designer can make just about anything. If you like what you say, let's work together.

The U.S. of Nay


About The U.S. of Nay is a card game that places players in the center of U.S. politics. Players take on the role of congressmen who must maintain the popularity of their party while also maintaining their own efficiency and defending their party from private interest groups. This is all done through bills (which are based on actual quotes and events from U.S. politics) that players vote on. The game was both concepted and designed in a class on Game Design at the Cooper Union.

Made For Game Design

Professor Subalekha Udayasankar

Date Fall 2016

Created with: Illustrator, Photoshop