My name is Batrek Yassa and I am a designer, illustrator, and artist. I was born in Egypt, but grew up in Jersey City. I love a good challenge, and I think that a good designer can make just about anything. If you like what you say, let's work together.

Runaway 2016


About Designed as part of a visual identities course, Runaway 2016 is an imagined marathon run where participants run away from the difficulties of decision-making. The identity for the marathon began as an attempt to design around the word “indecision”. Unable to decide on how exactly the word should be visually designed, I designed the identity around the many seemingly disparate sketches that I had created while exploring what it means to be indecisive. The logo I designed for the event was created from a single line that both creates a maze and draws a figure whose upper body runs in the opposite direction of his legs, hinting at his uncertainty. In the end, the identity became a marathon race with no real winner or finish line.

Made For Visual Identities

Professor Frank Derose

Date Fall 2016

Created with: Illustrator, Photoshop