My name is Batrek Yassa and I am a designer, illustrator, and artist. I was born in Egypt, but grew up in Jersey City. I love a good challenge, and I think that a good designer can make just about anything. If you like what you say, let's work together.

Welcome to New York City


About While interning for NYCgo, I was given the opportunity to illustrate New York City’s five boroughs in a series of banners that were to be displayed at JFK airport for two years. The project began with a series of banners that spanned the distance of half a football field. After the initial banners were received with praise, the campaign grew to include a series of 36"x36" banners that represented each borough. The illustration style along with the color palette was chosen to offset the dismal atmosphere of JFK airport. Illustrations and compositions were created by me, while color and typography were under the direction of NYCgo’s creative director Emily Lessard.

Made For NYCgo

Team Emily Lessard

Date July 2014

Created with: Indesign, Illustrator